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Over 35 years of passion for training, management, linguistics and IT


INFOR ELEA is the result of the merger of two prestigious companies: ELEA spa, founded in 1979 by the Olivetti group and INFOR, established in 1994 as an independent body, which today includes over 250 institutional and economic partners, both public and private. INFOR ELEA is now among the Italian leaders in training to support major projects of technological, organizational, cultural and behavioral change.
Present in Italy, with offices in Turin, Rome, Florence, Asti, Alessandria, Cuneo and Pinerolo. INFOR ELEA offers a wide range of training products that embrace all the company functions: Administration and Finance, Control and Auditing, Human Resources, Communication and Leadership, Marketing and Sales, and extends to aspects related to personal skills, Information & amp; Communication Technology and Internet Management.
Attention to the world of work manifests itself, also in the teaching methodology, based on the constant involvement of the participants, in order to make the training perceive more and more as a moment in which knowledge and techniques directly applicable to the operational reality are faced and acquired.

In 1979 all the training activities of Olivetti were entrusted to Elea spa. The photo shows some employees in front of the entrance of the Elea, during the break of a course.

Photo resource from: www.storiaolivetti.it

The teachers, coming from both the professional world and the companies, the teaching method, strongly oriented to practical feedback, and the use of new information technologies have become the real strength of INFOR ELEA which has always had a dual objective: from a on the other hand, to transfer know-how to companies to make them more competitive; on the other hand, to provide workers with the skills to play a leading role in the world of work.

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The governance model adopted by the INFOR ELEA Consortium is articulated as illustrated in the following figure. The composition and functions of each body are detailed below.

They are organs of INFOR ELEA: the Board of Directors and the Consortium Assembly. Pursuant to Article 19 of the Articles of Association, management of the Company is entrusted to the Board of Directors composed of a number of directors ranging from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 members elected by the consortium meeting. The Consortium Assembly is composed of a representative of each consortium body with the competences indicated in the art. 14 of the INFOR ELEA Statute.

The Advisory Committee is the technical-scientific body that supports the Board of Directors of INFOR ELEA in defining strategic guidelines. The creation of an advisory committee that oversees, proposes, selects and guides initiatives and contents represents a decisive “institutional” step to support the authoritativeness of INFOR ELEA. Chaired by the president who is a member by right, the committee is made up of entrepreneurs, representatives of the world of work and professions, qualified teachers and external consultants and representatives of local authorities.

Principali finalità che INFOR ELEA si pone con la istituzione del comitato di indirizzo sono:

Strengthen one’s planning, programming and communication skills

To make the dialogue with the world of work systematic, with the institutions and with the companies in the territory of reference systematic

To receive the addresses of the interested parties in order to guide the training strategies towards curricular and process innovation and quality improvement;

Contribute to re-orientate mutual expectations for better management of the complex dynamics of the supply / demand for training and work.

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The experience has allowed us to build a solid network of national and international partners that support the provision and development of our activities and believe and pursue our goals and our same values: Quality, Professionalism and Specific Competence.


We strive every day to ensure excellence in training and consultancy and to ensure a high level of service that allows our client companies to focus on their development. In over 20 years of activity we have established collaborative and lasting relationships with our customers: some of these are among the major Italian and international companies, others are growing, others are small businesses. We never change the approach towards those who reward us – once the collaboration is close, each of them can count on our experience and our professionalism.


Asfor aggregate member

INFOR ELEA is an associate member of Asfor, a body that associates most of the most important and qualified School of Management, Corporate University and Educational Institutions, both in the private sector and in the public sector, whose goal is to develop the management culture in Italy, to qualify the managerial training offer by continuously adapting it to the dynamics of demand.

Accreditation of training and orientation bodies

INFOR ELEA is accredited to the Piedmont Region as a training institution suitable to organize and provide education, vocational training and guidance services financed with public resources possessing the structural, organizational and economic-financial requirements imposed by the Region to guarantee the reliability of the person in charge to provide quality services safeguarding the effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes.

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EBI.GEN accreditation

INFOR ELEA is recognized by EBI.GEN, a bilateral body established between CONFIMEA and FISMIC, as an accredited institution to provide training in the field of workplace safety and hygiene.

Quality System Certification

The INFOR ELEA Quality Management System complies with the UN I EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard for the realization of the following services: Design and provision of training courses. Orientation service. Service at work. Design, provision, monitoring and evaluation of training courses delivered in blended and FAD mode through the use and management of the e-learning platform. Reg. N. 3037- A – Klwa Cermet Italia S.p.A.

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Operator accreditation suitable for providing services at work

The INFOR ELEA offices of San Secondo di Pinerolo, Cuneo, Asti, Alessandira, Turin Via Ventimiglia 115 and, Turin Corso Trapani 16 and Torino Corso Unione Sovietica 612/15 / c, are accredited by the Piedmont Region as suitable offices to implement active policies of the work in compliance with regional standards.

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AICA accreditation

INFOR ELEA is accredited by AICA (Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Calculation), national responsible for the ECDL project, as ECDL Test Center for the achievement of the European Computer Driving License.

Microsoft partners – Silver learning

INFOR ELEA is Microsoft Partner Silver Learning authorized to provide official Microsoft training (MOC) with qualified and certified teachers.