is an Italian Company dedicated to training with more than 20 year of experience. With a teaching method strongly oriented towards practical feedback and the use of new computer technologies, every year we offer around 500 courses to more than 5000 students.  In addition, and always linked on training and entrepreneurship, we are part of some European Projects that allow us to learn and contribute with our knowledge in an international field.

INFOR ELEA is able to provide:

  • Advise on opportunities and regulations regarding EU funds
  • Assistance in drafting and managing projects in response to direct calls by the European Community, or in the presentation of projects financed by the structural funds.
  • Coordination of projects, evaluation of initiatives and support in reporting on the actions carried out in the context of the main European programs and international cooperation.

Particularly, INFOR ELEA has developed a specific experience in the organization and management of an interesting training method: international study visits. The study visit represents an unparalleled opportunity for exchange and mutual learning on issues of common interest with European and international significance. It also gives the opportunity to see first-hand how certain themes or issues are dealt with in different context, obtaining interesting ideas for renew and improve its own settings, valuing the experience of those who participate.

Next, a brief summary of the projects that we have / are developing in the last three years …



Our Projects

consists in the design, development, and implementation of a high-quality training courses on entrepreneurship, for prisoners and ex-offenders, accessible on an IT platform trying to solve the reintegration global problem.

“With every book, you go back to school. You become a student. You become an investigative reporter. You spend a little time learning what it’s like to live in someone else’s shoes.”

John Irving

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