Transnational Mobility Projects

PMT TED – Transnational Employability Development

INFOR ELEA, thanks to funding from the European Social Fund and the Piedmont Region, is implementing the Transnational Mobility Project TED – Transnational Employability Development focused on the theme of International Trade.
The project promotes transnational mobility in Europe both of young Piedmontese through the organization of internships and transnational training courses, and of Piedmontese SMEs through exchanges of experiences with companies located abroad. The experiences of transnational mobility give the precious opportunity to improve learning and increase professional skills and therefore the individual level of employability.

lasting 12 weeks in Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Czech Republic and Spain aimed at young and adult graduates aged between 18 and 35, domiciled in Piedmont and unemployed / unemployed

Transnational Training
With a duration of 16 weeks (8 in Romania and 8 in Italy) aimed at young graduates aged between 18 and 29, domiciled in Piedmont

Visits abroad for Piedmontese entrepreneurs
Lasting 5 days (travel included) in Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Czech Republic and Spain.



Thanks to funding from the European Social Fund and the Piedmont Region, INFOR ELEA managed two Transnational Mobility Projects in the period 2013/2015: the TAKE project – Transnational Approach for Knowledge Enhancement – focused on the theme of International Commerce and the STAIR – Sustainable Tourism project Across Italian Regions – focused on promoting sustainable tourism.
The projects aimed at favoring the meeting between the demand and the supply of work in the Piedmontese market through a joint action on the two components that characterize it: on the one hand, to expand and develop the flexibility and adaptability of young unemployed and unemployed people interested in mobility experiences abroad; on the other hand, to increase business opportunities for Piedmontese SMEs by creating opportunities for exchange with companies operating in similar sectors.

  • internships abroad for unemployed young people, including preparatory training in language preparation;

  • experimental transnational training course in Italy and abroad aimed at unemployed young people;

  • exchanges of experiences between Piedmontese SMEs and companies located abroad.
    The two projects involved:

    6 European countries: Germany, Hungary and Romania for the TAKE project and Spain, Slovakia and Bulgaria for the STAIR project;
    54 participants for preparatory training and internship abroad;
    9 participants for transnational training;
    15 owners, administrators and assistants of Piedmontese SMEs for the exchange of experiences between companies.
    TAKE and STAIR concluded their activities in the spring of 2015.




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