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    1. Are they your English friends?
      1a) No. it isn’t.1b) No, she is.1c) No, they isn’t.1d) No they aren’t.

    3. _______ in Turin, Italy?
      2a) Does work2b) Does he work2c) Do he work2d) I work

    5. The Browns live in Manchester and _______ flat is very big.
      3a) ours3b) their3c) theirs3d) his

    7. She _______ dance lessons every Monday afternoon
      4a) not have4b) doesn’t have4c) isn’t have4d) don’t have

    9. _______ is your car? It’s the red one.
      5a) Which5b) Whom5c) What5d) Who

    11. My favorite sports are volleyball and golf but Samantha doesn’t like _______ kind of sports.
      6a) some6b) much6c) any6d) manys

    13. There aren’t _______ children in the park today because it’s cold.
      7a) many7b) a lot7c) much7d) few

    15. She _______ to New York tomorrow from Rome.
      8a) fly8b) is flying8c) flies8d) flew

    17. There _______ a lot of snow yesterday.
      9a) are9b) was9c) is9d) were

    19. Where _______ that terrible and ugly dress?
      10a) buy10b) did she buyc) does buyd) did she bought

    21. Richard: “ _______ do you travel for business?” William: “Almost every week “
      11a) How long11b) How often11c) How far11d) How many times

    23. Sorry, she can’t come to the phone right now, she _______ a bath.
      12a) has12b) is having12c) is has12d) have

    25. They haven’t got _______ pets.
      13a) some13b) any13c) a lot13d) no

    27. When would you like _______ to the cinema?
      14a) goes14b) is going14c) go14d) to go

    29. Mrs. Smith _______ to Scotland last summer to visit her sister.
      15a) is going15b) went15c) does went15d) has go

    31. Where are Tom and Julie? They _______ for the bus over there.
      16a) Waiting16b) don’t wait16c) are waiting16d) wait

    33. Basketball is one of _______ sports in the USA.
      17a) famousest17b) most famousest17c) more famous17d) the most famous

    35. Timothy: "When _______ to the USA?" Robert: "Two years ago."
      18a) have you been18b) did you go18c) went18d) have you gone

    37. What a wonderful idea!! I think I _______ pizza for dinner too.
      19a) will eat19b) have eat19c) will to eat19d) ate

    39. Federick _______ his leg while he _______ his bedroom.
      20a) broken/were painted20b) breaked/was painting20c) was breaking/paint20d) broke/was painting

    41. She’s worked for them _______ twenty years.
      21a) for21b) at21c) since21d) in

    43. Let’s go shopping! There are _______ bargains because the sales have just begun.
      22a) not many22b) not enough22c) many22d) enough

    45. I haven’t any idea why he didn’t show up for the meeting. He _______ a memo.
      23a) sent23b) did send23c) was sent23d) send

    47. If you come _______ a dessert and something to drink to the party.
      24a) you bring24b) bring24c) you are bringing24d) will you bring

    49. How long _______ John and Mary, they’re your friends, aren’t they?
      25a) has you known25b) knew25c) have you known25d) have you been knowing

    51. They usually _______ relatives in France but this year they _______ to London for the first time.
      26a) visit/are travelling26b) visit/travels26c) visit/travel26d) are visiting/are travelling

    53. I don’t like summer _______ winter.
      27a) as more27b) as much as27c) as much27d) as much than

    55. I knew I _______ with him before but I couldn’t remember when and where.
      28a) worked28b) had been working28c) have worked28d) had worked

    57. You ________ unfasten your seat belt until the captain says so.
      29a) must29b) should29c) mustn’t29d) don’t have to

    59. I _______ if I _______ you as the weather forecast predicts thunderstorms.
      30a) wouldn’t go/were30b) didn’t go/would be30c) won’t go/am30d) wouldn’t go/was in

    61. Despite _______ hours under the rain, I managed to buy the concert tickets.
      31a) waiting31b) waited31c) to wait31d) having waited

    63. When they ________ tell one of them to phone me.
      32a) will arrive32b) arrive32c) is arriving32d) would arrive

    65. It’s the best party I _______ to in ages.
      33a) have ever been33b) have never been33c) never was33d) already was

    67. I haven’t written to him for ages. I wonder _______ now.
      34a) who is he34b) how does he34c) what he’s doing34d) what’s he like

    69. He seems to be a little _______. Is he not feeling well?
      35a) bitter35b) hungry35c) too cold35d) under the weather

    71. Sally was quite upset at her boss because he ______ on time for the meeting.
      36a) had been not36b) hadn’t been36c) were late36d) have been

    73. I’m unsure but I _______ accept that new offer.
      37a) will37b) may37c) must37d) have to

    75. This meat smells terrible! I think it _______.
      38a) has gone up38b) has gone back38c) has gone off38d) has broken down

    77. If you _______ more attention, the accident _______.
      39a) would pay/didn’t happen39b) had paid/wouldn’t have happened39c) would have paid/hadn’t happened39d) have paid/haven’t happened

    79. She can’t get used _______ coffee with no sugar.
      40a) to drink40b) drinks40c) drinking40d) to drinking

    81. She was late because her car _______ on the way.
      41a) ran down41b) ran41c) broke down41d) ran into

    83. I’d love to have it, but it’s extremely costly, I _______ it.
      42a) can’t buy42b) cost42c) can’t reach it42d) can’t afford

    85. He _______ not having accepted the offer the new firm made.
      43a) denies43b) recognizes43c) regrets43d) sorry

    87. _______ the bad weather conditions, he was able to arrive at the office with little difficulty.
      44a) In spite of44b) Even if44c) However44d) Despite

    89. It’s never too late to _______ a new sport.
      45a) do45b) make do45c) take in45d) take up

    91. He _______ of something he didn’t do.
      46a) pretended46b) was guilty46c) was accused46d) had demanded

    93. Ethnic groups should maintain their _______ and religious beliefs according to a recent survey.
      47a) culture47b) means47c) background47d) habits

    95. What _______ you _______ if you had won the jackpot?
      48a) would/make48b) would/do48c) would/have made48d) did/do

    97. Imagine, this time in two weeks I _______ the new president of the company.
      49a) am49b) will have been49c) will be49d) would have been

    99. It’s ages _______. I’ve had a good holiday.
      50a) in50b) for50c) since50d) by

    101. If I were _______ a foreign language, I would study English.
      51a) studied51b) studying51c) to study51d) going to study

    103. I’ve demanded, as _______ we all, that the board would accept our request.
      52a) would52b) equally52c) did52d) just

    105. The firm is renovating the entire building. Today we are off work because the main entrance road _______.
      53a) paved53b) is broken53c) is being paved53d) paves

    107. You’re joking! It couldn’t be true, I possibly can’t believe it! You’re _______.
      54a) tying my leg54b) pulling my leg54c) demanding54d) in the soup

    109. If the McPherson’s _______ their house, they would have sold it for a higher price.
      55a) had have painted55b) had painted55c) has painted55d) paint


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