Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

The experiences of INFOR ELEA in Europe

New entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to have an on-the-job training experience at an SME located in another country participating in the Program; this will help them to start their business successfully or to strengthen the foundations of the company they have set up recently. The experience also allows us to look into new markets, undertake international collaboration relationships and exploit potential opportunities for cooperation with foreign partners. Successful entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from a motivated mind and ready to feed their business with innovative ideas: the guest could indeed be equipped with specialized skills or knowledge, perhaps complementary to those of the host. Most of the experienced entrepreneurs who joined the program were so enthusiastic about the exchange that they decided to repeat the experience.
This is undoubtedly a collaboration from which both sides can reap enormous benefits, as it offers both new and new market opportunities at European level, the possibility of identifying new business partners and discovering different ways of doing business.
In the long term, the benefits could extend to the creation of a wide network of contacts and the decision to continue cooperation, perhaps as stable business partners (eg by concluding a joint venture agreement, stipulating subcontracts, defining supply relationships, etc.).
The “Erasmus for young entrepreneurs” program is funded by the European Commission and operates throughout the territory of the participating countries thanks to the collaboration of local contact centers, active in the business support sector (such as Chambers of Commerce, centers support to start-up companies, business incubators, etc.). Their activities are coordinated at European level by the Program Support Office.